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    Quote from phriedomRN
    I think that kids health site got their info from a mall piercing gun type place
    kidshealth is actually, a pretty reputable site.
    however, here are a few more links, endorsing the use of alcohol.

    from the cleveland clinic:
    in search box, type in 'ear care tips'.
    click on first result, "Ear Care Tips-Overview"

    "If you have pierced ears, clean your earrings and earlobes with rubbing alcohol."

    from a children's hospital:

    and another children's hospital:

    however, i did note sites that discouraged use of alcohol and peroxide.
    and i know they're cytotoxic.
    but we're not talking about big, gaping wounds here, where granulation needs to take place w/subsequent need to preserve viable tissue.

    i suppose it's all a matter of perspective.

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    Neosporin for ears works great! (On regular posts, not sure about larger gauges...)

    Just dip the post in some Neosporin or Bacitracin before re-inserting. Works wonders if there is any kind of infection or discharge.

    But just for regular maintainance I agree w/ everyone else...soap and water or mild saline soln.
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    It's probably also a matter of how fresh the piercing is. I would never ever use alcohol on anything that was still healing, but my newest just hit 6 months. I still get the occasional crusty and will use peroxide or an alcohol wipe as a quick fix to get them off.

    I had nothing but problems with my ears when I followed the alcohol, rotate etc instructions to the letter, got them done at the mall... piercing gun, gold posts etc. . They always hurt, stayed swollen, just wouldn't heal. Took them out, waited a couple years, tried again. Exact same thing happened the second time around. Being the mule-headed girl I am, I wasn't giving up, but by then I'd started hearing all the bad things about the mall places. I've had all 8 done (and the first set in my earlobes redone for the 2nd time) at a tattoo/piercing place, 14g hollow needle, surgical steel jewelry and all have healed beautifully. I'm a firm believer of the soap&water, salt water and leave it alone theory.
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    My original piercings, (as a dopey teenager) were all cleaned with methylated spirits, it hurt a lot but dried everything up and killed all infections....and I guess quite a few healthy cells.

    I recently, 2 years ago, got some more piercings and asked the "needle chick" how best to keep them clean, in her opinion a mild antiseptic solution made of natural products with a small amount of lubricant does the best job. Fancy that! she had lots of bottles of the solution for sale at a lot higher price than soap and water. But it did seem to work....and hurt less than the metho.
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    When I had my ears pierced as a kid, we were given a supply of benzalkonium chloride wipes for cleaning.

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