These Nurses ROCK!!! Happy Nurses Day!

  1. Probably this isn't the place to put this BUT....
    I make a point of remembering the nurses I work with on Nurses Day including from the facility I worked at prior to my current position.
    I wasn't originally going to post the name of the facility but they are SO wonderful I just had to.....
    Happy Nurses Day to EACH and EVERY one of YOU as well since of COURSE we ALL ROCK!

    [font=Maiandra GD]Morton Hospital and Medical Center's Maternal/Child Nurses ROCK!

    [font=Maiandra GD]

    [font=Maiandra GD]May sixth is the day allotted for celebration of nurses annually.

    [font=Maiandra GD]Most people don't know that.

    [font=Maiandra GD]Some perhaps, don't even care.

    [font=Maiandra GD]Interestingly, this year May sixth is also "military spouse" day.

    [font=Maiandra GD]I am both. That is, a nurse AND a military spouse.

    [font=Maiandra GD]With regard to the magnificent nurses at Morton Hospital and Medical Center,

    [font=Maiandra GD]This note focuses on the "angels" on the maternity unit because not only were they co-workers, they were "my" nurses when I was a patient.

    [font=Maiandra GD]In fact, two of them saved my life.

    [font=Maiandra GD]If not for them, I may not have had the opportunity to enjoy my small children

    [font=Maiandra GD]or merely live my life.

    [font=Maiandra GD]In the time I worked at Morton, which spanned roughly twenty years, I came to know

    [font=Maiandra GD]the vast majority of nurses on every unit. I can truly attest to their magnificent skill and compassion.

    [font=Maiandra GD]It is with great pride that I salute all of them and the Maternal Child Unit specifically, managed by Cathy Santos and Joan Benoit, with the following piece.

    [font=Maiandra GD]

    [font=Maiandra GD]

    [font=Maiandra GD]Some nurses take offense to being referred to as angels...

    [font=Maiandra GD]Some are flattered.

    [font=Maiandra GD]All nurses are amazing.

    [font=Maiandra GD]Patients may forget our names or which shift we work but most, including me, have special memories of "their" nurse angels.

    [font=Maiandra GD]Sometimes nurses are simply dismissed because, after all, they are
    "just doing their jobs."

    [font=Maiandra GD]They are stretched wafer thin but expected to continue to provide quality care with superhuman effort and then often chastised if they complain.

    [font=Maiandra GD]Doesn't seem fair...

    [font=Maiandra GD]There are endless nuances connected to nursing coupled with countless stressors.

    [font=Maiandra GD]It isn't easy to care for everyone else and yourself as well.

    [font=Maiandra GD]This I know.

    [font=Maiandra GD]Just about every color of the spectrum is involved in a nursing decision EXCEPT black and white.

    [font=Maiandra GD]Usually, circumstances don't allow nursing decisions to be so clearly defined.

    [font=Maiandra GD]My "angels" saved my life.

    [font=Maiandra GD]After the birth of one of my babies, I developed a severe allergic reaction to an antibiotic

    [font=Maiandra GD]necessitating emergent intervention. That experience ranks up there with the scariest thing I have ever been through as a patient.

    [font=Maiandra GD]Two "angels" came in to check on me at the precise moment I discovered I was unable to breathe. Had they not, I perhaps would not be writing this today.

    [font=Maiandra GD]Later, in my weakened state, my "angels" came back and lovingly administered a soothing sponge bath that I will forever remember.

    [font=Maiandra GD]Their care and grace was evident in every stroke.

    [font=Maiandra GD]Such moments are not taught in any nursing school.

    [font=Maiandra GD]It is all too easy to forget the nurse or nurses who care for or work for you.

    [font=Maiandra GD]But, I would ask that we all remember this Nurses Day and always, that no patient, doctor, nurse manager or hospital administrator could function without nurses.

    [font=Maiandra GD]To my "angels", thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    [font=Maiandra GD]If not for you I would perhaps never have seen my babies grow,

    [font=Maiandra GD]or experienced so many special moments since that time.

    [font=Maiandra GD]Morton Hospital and Medical Center employs an amazing group of talented, compassionate and skilled nurses who continue to give it their all with style and grace.

    [font=Maiandra GD]Although I too am a nurse, I am writing this letter as a patient with genuine kudos and gratitude for a job well done.

    [font=Maiandra GD]Thank you to the wonderful nurses from Morton Hospital and Medical Center's Maternal Child Unit, from one of their own....

    [font=Maiandra GD]

    [font=Maiandra GD]Martha J. Crowninshield O'Brien RN
    [font=Maiandra GD]copyright April 30, 2005[font=Maiandra GD]
    [font=Maiandra GD]
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