Texas RN ReFresher

  1. Has anyone done the Texas RN Refresher program through the online site at Austin Community College?
    The community colleges in my area use this method of refresher and I would like to talk to someone who might have completed or is working on this program. I will be starting it January 5th and am very apprehensive. I still have to work full time so I need to know about time requirements etc.

    Any Help is greatly appreciated.

    BA (this does not mean Bad Attitude. I recently finished a non medical Bachelors of Arts program.
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  3. by   Pax_Ramona
    Hi BA,
    I just completed this course in October. I started in June and finished my clinical hours (84) around Halloween and have secured a staff position after 10 years of inactive status.
    Your apprehension is understandable--I felt the same way. You will find the staff at Austin Comm. College to be very supportive of your efforts. They welcome questions and even schedule conference calls. They also offer 2 skills weekends at the college (2 consecutive Saturdays) which are not required but I found extremely valuable. The online diadactic portion of the course is interesting but does take a lot of time especially trying to get all the textbook reading done. Your instructors will give you lots of tips so you don't have to read entire chapters.
    There is a medication calculations test you will have to pass but don't let it discourage you. It is basic math and there a lots of links to helpful sites. We also were partnered up online with another learner to complete care plans and other critical thinking activities.
    Best of luck to you and I know it will be worthwhile. Just be determined and disciplined with your time.
  4. by   jannyd
    Pax, Thank you very much. It is helpful knowing there is success out there. I have not worked as a nurse for 14 years, but I have not been far off, so some of this is not new, but meds etc seem a bit overwhelming. Also my books arrived! I love to read, but there is so much information. Thank you for the encouragement it is helpful! I think I will plan a couple of trips to Austin.

    Thank you again.