Superbugs On The Rise; How Can Nurses Help to Exterminate Them? - page 2

What Defines A Superbug? Dr. Stephen Calderwood says of superbugs, “in fairness, there is no real definition,” in the article, “ Superbugs: What They Are and How You Get Them,” by Kelli Miller.... Read More

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    Stop feeding anti-biotics to animals that we eat
    stop using vaccination on babies or children.Don't take it for granted the medical profession know it's right, question EVERYTHING
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    I think you hit on a common note that doctors won't say no to patients. Are they afraid because they think they will lose patients? What do you think. If so, it comes down to $$$
    Exactly. We aren't allow to turn anyone away, so when we get them back and tell them we can't do anything, they get upset and some even bully providers into prescribing them what they want. We had a case of that with a pt with diverticulitis. Provider didn't feel comfortable treating them without diagnostic testing and pt refused and ended up bullying the provider into treating her without it.