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  1. Hello all! Ok, I hope you don't mind, but I am not a nurse or nursing student. I am an RT student. Please don't kick me off! lol. I go to a community college in kansas city for RT. (anyone from KC?) I just quit a very bad job, and I do OK without one (financial aid+scholarship), but I need a bit extra for car repairs+ rising gas prices. All of my former jobs have been totally unrelated to health care, and I would like to at least work in a hospital setting even if I can't be a direct patient caregiver. I don't care, it could be medical records, receptionist, whatever. My qualifications are CNA certification, and 6 months of volunteering at a hospital. Problem, im 16! Yes, I am done with high school. Most people think i'm 18-20. My schedule is very busy so that and my age are usually my main barriers to getting a job. (but alot can be said for having connections) Also because of my very busy schedule and loads of schoolwork the job would either have to have a very good schedule OR be slow enough so that I could study while I am working.

    Suggestions for any job that would fit that? Are there any jobs where you could study at work. . . in a hospital. . . with my limited qualifications? (I know those jobs exist. . . security guard friends that can watch TV and MRI friend that can sleep) Or any positions where I could go in for a short 4-6 hour shift after school till 5pm? You think I would not be able get a job simply because I am 16?
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