starting new job (experienced) --> am i good enough?

  1. Hi All,

    I feel silly (and embarrassed) in writing this but I hope to get some feedback. Last week, I just left my old job where I worked on M/S and am starting on a new unit which is very similar to my old one (but with one added specialty that I'm not familiar with). I started at my old job as a new grad and worked there a few months shy of 2 years. I was always given great feedback in my performance and was known as a hard-worker.

    My problem is that I have *massive* anxiety with how I will perform at my new job. Even though I have been told I'm very thorough, hard-working, a great critical thinker, team player... and on... I am my worst critic and just don't believe the good praise.

    For example, I am worried that (although they are similar units) I won't be familiar with XYZ dx and some nurse will think "You don't know that?!?!". Obviously, I care *far* too much what people think and this anxiety issues goes beyond nursing: I have always worried about my performance even though I have been great at every job I've done (but certainly not perfect.) I fear that my managers will regret hiring me or something.

    Is this normal? I have *no* problem asking questions when I'm unsure of something (I'd rather look stupid than risk pt safety) but I feel like a freak and stupid.

    Has anyone else experienced this?
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