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Hi, I did a facebook account yesterday and I want write a short bio in biography field. This is my idea: "Ariadna is a staff nurse. She grew up in xxxx and graduated from xxxx University from xxxxx. She is looking for a... Read More

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    FB is not for job hunting. And actually these days it's best that you don't mention anything about work, including who you work for in your profile. If you list the hospital you work for on your profile everything you then do is a reflection on them and can potentially get you fired. It can be something as innocent as you posting your friend is in town and you're going out for dinner and dancing. Then if you post you are working the next day, someone could infer that you went to work impaired from lack of sleep and/or alcohol. I personally have Hogwarts listed as my employer

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    I don't use Facebook for professional purposes, BUT I did see a nurse educator post on her page an email that she got from a nurse recruiter asking if she would spread the word that X hospital was hiring. The nurse educator posted the email on her page, the nursing school's page, etc., so I guess some people do use it for that purpose.

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