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Short nurse bio for social media (facebook..)

  1. 0 Hi,
    I did a facebook account yesterday and I want write a short bio in biography field.
    This is my idea:

    "Ariadna is a staff nurse. She grew up in xxxx and graduated from xxxx University from xxxxx. She is looking for a work, doesn't matter which service because her goal is learn more about different areas of nursing and had a positive impact on people."

    I don't know how continue,I want say something about my skills at work but I don't know how skills are important on a new nurse (if you are rrhh hospital and you are looking at nurse's facebook) .
    I must say something about my hobbies? I like reading,learn languages..

    Waiting for your ideas & help
    Thanks in advance
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    Seriously, you think you're going to get a job from a Facebook connection? Recruiters and hiring managers do not lurk on Facebook. I do know that some hiring managers may take a look - AFTER an interview - just to discover more about the applicant.

    So, if anything, you should be fluffing up your profile with all sorts of things that may make you appear to be a wonderful hire. Maybe posting information about all your volunteer activies, feeding the hungry, saving the lives of random strangers, etc.... LOL. Remove anything that could possibly be misconstrued or tick anyone off (e.g., political or religious viewpoints, snarky comments). Make sure that all your privacy settings are appropriate -unless you want potential employers to find out everything about you and your friends.
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    Down with facebook.
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    My facebook account is new so is still empty. I only have my profile picture,some friends and no more..
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    If anything, you should look into LinkedIn. I have built up my LinkedIn profile to be extremely professional. My Facebook account is strictly personal & completely private - you only see an always appropriate profile picture. That is, if you can even find me, I have a very common first & last name.

    You can try to keep your Facebook profile professional, but you will always have a friend or two who will make an inappropriate comment....
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    I love a connection to friends and family very far away. I agree with PackersFan (I am from Wisconsin!) that LinkedIn might be a better professional resource than Facebook.
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    Too many people getting fired because of Facebook these days. If you want to get a professional presence out there it would be better going with a professional site like LinkedIN or set up a professional profile on a job site for nurses -- your state Nurses Association website would be one.
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    One of my pet-peeves is when people write in 3rd person on FB. Like seriously, lol.
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    Remember, Facebook is a social network, not a professional one.
    Putting a lot of work stuff on a social network is like the person who only talks about work at a party.
    Talk about your hobbies and what makes you an interesting person.
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    Thanks to all of you!
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    FB is not for job hunting. And actually these days it's best that you don't mention anything about work, including who you work for in your profile. If you list the hospital you work for on your profile everything you then do is a reflection on them and can potentially get you fired. It can be something as innocent as you posting your friend is in town and you're going out for dinner and dancing. Then if you post you are working the next day, someone could infer that you went to work impaired from lack of sleep and/or alcohol. I personally have Hogwarts listed as my employer
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    I don't use Facebook for professional purposes, BUT I did see a nurse educator post on her page an email that she got from a nurse recruiter asking if she would spread the word that X hospital was hiring. The nurse educator posted the email on her page, the nursing school's page, etc., so I guess some people do use it for that purpose.
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    I agree that woould be a better choice for professional correspondence and networking.

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