Role of RN in OB/GYN office?? Role of RN in OB/GYN office?? | allnurses

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Role of RN in OB/GYN office??

  1. 0 Hello!!

    I have been a L&D nurse for 6 yrs. and have recently started working in an OB/GYN office. We are looking for ways to make me most "useful" with my experience. I am currently doing all the NST's and reading them (which helps the doc a lot), but I was wondering from others working in an office what else can I do (as a RN within my scope) to make good use of time. Also the doc and I are trying to find info on doing IV hydration in the office for OB pts., as well as maybe giving Zofran, Phenergan, and Terbutaline. Do any of you do this in the OB office you work in?? Any advice/info is very much appreciated!! Oh yeah, I live in Indiana.

    Thanks a lot!!