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  1. 0 Help! Anyone know of a great refresher book to get back into nursing? Any help/sites or material would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    It depends on how long you have been out of nursing. I live in Washington state and the limit is 3 years. I had to take a refresher course. Here, there several kinds. Some colleges give a month long classroom course with clinical. The one I took was by corespondence, with an in house skills review and a separate clinical at a facility of your choice. The book we used for the theory portion was Brunner and Suddarth's Medical-Surgical Nursing edited by Smeltzer, 9th ed. (2000 pages long). As long as you could answer the questions on the tests, you didn't necessarily have to read the whole book. There were 4 tests (done at home) and a final done with a proctor. Hope this helps

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    An addition to the above:

    Your state board of nursing web site or the Dept. of Health, or whoever does nursing licensing in your state should list refresher courses for your state.


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