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  1. I have an assignment for a class that I need to ask healthcare professionals about and I figured maybe someone could help me out, if at all possible. It would be greatly appreciated, you have no idea! I have copied and pasted the questions to this post and in the response (if you choose to) you can just copy and paste them also and just write your answers in below each question. As much or as little help that you can provide for each question would be awesome! Thanks! Here it goes:

    Survey Questions Regarding Intercultural Communication in the Health Care Context:
    1. Describe intercultural communication as you see it in the health care setting.
    2. What are the benefits and problems that occur in the increasingly multi-cultural health care environments?
    3. What is the responsibility of each person in the health care setting for sending accurate messages when he or she communicates with someone from another culture?
    4. What is the responsibility of the listener/receiver in the health care context, when he or she communicates with someone from another culture?
    5. How can people in the health care context increase their intercultural communication skills?
    6. How is conflict usually resolved in interpersonal communication in the workplace
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