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I apologize if I have posted this in the wrong place; today is the first day I have ever posted anything on this forum......but I would be grateful for any advice anyone has for me concerning the... Read More

  1. by   Rob72
    Quote from DSkelton711
    Really liked your post re: interpreting profile assessment. Guess being able to impress on a face-to-face interaction has gone the way of the cassette.
    Oh, Lord! My oldest daughter overheard my wife and I talking one night, and asked, "So a "party line" was like when everyone got on the phone and talked at once...?"

    We told her she was half-right.

    I dunno. I'm the first-tier for hire interviews, with our unit. HR picks are usually reeeeeaaaaly lousy. I look for someone who actually has a personality, in addition to meeting the position requirements. Must not be too bad at it, I'm still here and everyone else is gone. Maybe they were just smarter...
  2. by   firefox9900
    Don't feel bad. I felt the same way when I was told I didn't pass and said to myself, "what type of people are they looking for?
    I agree with everyone about this stupid assessment. How can an organization go by someone's integrity based on this type of assessment, especially if you're honest and that is not consider to be a fact in passing. But I've heard the same thing about the middle road. I guess you will have to be honest in half the questions and dishonest in the other half.