Pittsburgh area IC opportunity - a.k.a. the hunt for my replacement :D

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    As some of you have probably observed from my earlier posts, I'm in the process of moving far, far away from my beloved Pittsburgh. I am both and about this...

    If there is anyone in the region who would be interested in an infection control/employee health job in Pittsburgh, please PM me! My HR director gave me the greenlight to scout for my own replacement (and sorry, allnurses.com, I can't afford 1500.00 to post in the jobs section). It's for a small pediatric psych hospital, with very flexible hours. I'd be glad to discuss the position with you, and tell you how to go about applying...
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    I would love to be your replacement but I am a new RN with an MPH in Epidemiology and need a year out to be able to take the exam to be certified in IC. I have even worked in Occ Health at the Health Dept.
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    I'd love to hear more! I just PM'd you the details for sending over a resume... The sooner you could send one over, the better