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I have a pt that has not been eating. The family has power of attorney for my patient's care. This patient is only orientated to self. The family decided to put a peg tube on her but she refused.... Read More

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    No, family wants CPR

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    Quote from Anggelica
    No, family wants CPR
    This breaks my heart. I agree with Previous posters. Contact social work, your DON, obudsman, whoever will listen.
    Continue to be an advocate.
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    To some MD and Nurses she is crying wolf and wants to chase the high
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    Quote from Anggelica
    the doctor took her pain medication away because according to the MD she is just another addict.

    At this point do you guys think the pt has the right not to have her feedings?
    That is one of the cruelest things I've ever heard about. So what if she is an addict? Is it appropriate to stop all meds? No wonder she wants to stop feedings, her life is probably unbearable right now.
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