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Wow! 955,000 miles, almost 500 months and 15,500 days after I became a LPN, I'm finally a student nurse again. I'm getting my associates degree in nursing so I can sit for state boards and work as a registered nurse. A... Read More

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    This was so inspirational!!! I've been an LPN for 3 years now and I know exactly how it feels to be walking behind the parade when you're dying to jump in front and show off your skills. Im just finishing all of my pre-requisites this up coming semester and so hopefully I can get into an August 2009 class!!! Good Luck to you!

    P.S. I've always looked for the "more mature" classmates to go to for study help, movitation, etc. and I they've always been the most helpful. So they will be coming for you... (lol)

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    Wow, your story is a duplicate of mine. I've been an LPN for a number of years but I'm 46 and I returned this past Sept. to get my RN. I'm the oldest in the class also. I don't know if I had the biggest smile the day of orientation, but I was probably shaking the most. Everyone looked so tired and I remember looking around the room at my class of 14 and thinking "who will I become friends with". They all look so young, I was afraid of not being accepted. Now after the first semester and struggling along with the rest of the group, we have become life long pals, at least for the next 14 weeks while we finish up the last semester. I definitely can say the last 14 weeks have been full of excitment, fear, nervous breakdowns, a few tears and overwhelming joy at the accomplishment. I'm very excited to get my RN, where I live LPN's work for assisted living and nursing homes. As an RN it opens the doors to so many opportunities. I'm looking forward to rejoining life again after May and a much needed vacation. Loved your post, and congratulations on the RN.
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    Best Wishes!! I am 52 and wouldn't attempt to pull this off... however my desire is to be buried with RN behnd my name on my headstone. Karmil LPN

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