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I'm a recent grad (last year) with very limited nursing experience. I was just accepted into a NICU fellowship but I feel completely overwhelmed. I'm thinking now that this might be too stressful for me at this time in my life.... Read More

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    I'm wondering which one would offer more experience and look better on a resume if I wanted to get into something else down the road. I heard that although NICU is great experience, you are pretty much limited to working in the NICU forever. I'm just worried that this home health assignment won't offer that much in the way of experience, but I am sure it would be a lot less stress which is very appealing to me.
    Hmmm NICU you will give you great technical skills on the other hand home health will give you great assessment and teaching skills, it is a very independent job, slightly different charting. You will have time to learn about different disease processes and connect all signs and symptoms together, know what kind of questions to ask to determine an improvement or regression of the disease. I used to believe that technical skills were much more imporant than assessment/observation skills. Boy I was wrong anyone can learn skills but it takes some real effort, hard work and devotion see the whole picture and that what makes a good nurse see the whole picture.

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    Quote from ijuanabhappy
    What area of nursing do you work in now, and do you enjoy it?
    I miraculously landed a job as a Field Nurse Supervisor for a Home Health Agency. I do a lot of case-management and supervise all of our CNAs in the field. I do lots of supervisory visits which entail going to the client's home and making sure all is well, and supervising the CNA. I do openings which include head-to-toe assessments of the client and a ton of paperwork to make the chart. I am a liaison between social workers and clients. I do orientations and competencies of CNAs. HOWEVER, home care is full of surprises and today I hung an IV antibiotic on one of our skilled-nursing clients who had an LPN working the shift (LPNs are not allowed to hang IV antibiotics in home care in this state) and I covered 2 hours of that shift as the nurse had to leave early. I do a lot of stuff. Do I enjoy it? Some days. But I am constantly plagued by the knowledge that I am really not getting clinical experience in this job...
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    I would go for the NICU job. It will be very stressful, but the ped homecare is worse. I have done it. You will have to go into a home, get the kid ready for school, ride on the school bus, sit with others like him in a classroom all day long, and be subject to a whole host of classroom politics. If the parents of this kid are upity (and most are) you may find yourself out of a job without a valid reason. Although the alternative is dealing with the hospital politics and a greater number of upity parents, a NICU job always looks better on a resume. It has been my overall experience that special needs children are over-catered to and spoiled. They are brought up to think that they are the center of everyone's attention and act accordingly. They have major behavioral problems because their parents cave in to their every whim. It is a recipe for a nursing nightmare. I did this for a little over a year and had the same general experiences with each kid. Also, the pay is not steady because when school is closed you dont get paid. Also, there are no benefits associated with any home care job around. Its mediocre pay, and not steady work.
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