Nursing Research Survey: Recognition and Reporting of Impaired Nurses

  1. hello fellow nurses,

    for the last several months i have been back in school working on my doctorate. i am looking at recognition and reporting of impaired nurses. i defended my prospectus yesterday and got the blessing to start collecting my data. this is where i am in need of your assistance. i am attaching a link to my survey and am asking for your time to complete it. it should take less than 10 minutes. as i am collecting a snowball sample; i am also asking that you forward the link to any and all nurses in your contact list for them to complete as well. the only requirement is that they be a licensed nurse in the united states. thank you in advance for your time and support of this endeavor!
    [color=#888888]stephanie evans-mitchell rn, msn<>
    assistant professor of nursing
    delaware state university
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  3. by   EllieMac
    This survey closes out on Friday. For those of you that have participated, I thank you !!! If you have not participated or know of a nurse that might want to take the survey - would you please pass it along. Thank you, Thank you for being such a help!!!!!:heartbeat