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    My heart goes out to all the New Grads who are having difficulty finding employment at this time. :heartbeat

    I thought I would post a link to "Critical Access Hospitals" that lists hospitals, (small hospitals - sometimes with only 15 to 25 beds) across the USA who are more likely to welcome New Grads than the bigger urban hospitals.

    Many of them also provide loan forgiveness.

    Check out the link and let me know what you think.

    Click on the button that says "Show me the Report"

    Best of luck in your endeavors.
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    I picked 2 of the closest hospitals near me that were listed on that website and neither had any nursing jobs, let alone jobs for new grads...

    I'll see if any of the hosptials in my whole state have any...
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    1 has a nurse recruiter position, but no nursing positions (so, what positions would the recruiter recruit???). I searched through about 8 of the 13 hosptials listed...
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    There's 1302 hospitals listed..... I'm sorry that you're not finding anything - I certainly didn't mean for my post to be a downer.

    I accessed random sites across the USA and found listings available. I figured that someone out there will find a position from this.

    If one nurse can be helped, then I'll be happy.
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    No, your post wasn't a downer....just my location is, that's all....

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