Nursing in Marin County, California

  1. 0 Hi, I will be graduating soon and I am from Quebec, Canada. I was wondering if anyone has any information on the nurse/hospital situation in Marin County, California. My mom lives there, but is not in nursing, I was thinking of possibly relocating. Does anyone know the work conditions, salaries etc.?
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    Marin county cost quite abit to live in but there quite a few nursing jobs open.I wish you the best of luck. I work for corrections in central california presently but I have friends that work in the bay area.
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    Hi Michelle, I live in the SF Bay Area. Nursing jobs are plentiful right now in this area, you can pretty much pick where you want to work. Recruitment is a major problem, it is very unusual for nurses to be able to move here from out of the area and afford the high cost of living. I grew up in this area and can only afford to live here because my husband and I already owned a home before the dotcom explosion. If you have family here, you may be able to come out for a visit and check it out. Starting salaries for new grads is around $27-30/hr. depending on where you work. Good luck to you.

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