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Hello all, I am currently working on a class assignment for my RN-BSN program. For part of this project, I am needing nurses opinions on: What are the potential benefits of joining a community... Read More

  1. by   allabtu
    What a question!
    I personally find helpful information regarding study tips toward nclex pn/rn, different learning styles that fit individuals, sincere nurses that have been through a nursing program which had poor results on nclex pass rates, frustrations on first years job training, client ordeals with different nursing interventions other than taught, and the biggest one for me is knowing I'm not the only one who gets hit with fecal matter every now and then.

    Its too is hard not to ignore the false claims as being nurse on here either. Their polls are subjective as they can be.
  2. by   RN19
    Thank you all for sharing! You have been a great help