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I've been shy all my life. However, when it comes to nursing care, I try to speak up. I also do not do well under pressure. I know nursing is very tough and some may question why I chose it, but I... Read More

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    I'm naturally an introverted person, and I would LOVE to work nights, but my body can't handle it. I've worked the graveyard shift, and it is hard. I'm just not a night owl. But I think that it is a great place to start if you suffer from shyness, and it certainly doesn't hurt that it (typically) pays more than day shift and those pesky visitors are usually gone.

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    The night shift is a great start for you especially since u like working in this field. the night shift is cool but its a start and hopefully you can and will come out of your shyness so that you can move to either shifts. I to am somewhat shy but when it comes to my job i lam learning how to speak up a lttle bit more. The more I work and start to speak up and state how I feel or add my comment the less shy I am becoming. I pray that you overcome your shyness and that it continues to work out for you.
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    Some of your shyness will improve/disappear with experience. I'm naturally an introvert and am reserved in new situations, but after doing the nursing things that require you to be more extroverted (calling docs, dealing with distraught pts/families, delegating, etc.), you will get so much better! I promise :-)

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