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Hello: I am a newly license nurse in Texas I had being looking for a job since november 2010, I finally got a job offer in a hospital and I should be starting two weeks from now; the pay is... Read More

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    Where in Texas are you?

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    We provide new grads 9 weeks of oriention. They also have a year long cohort nurse residency that they attend monthly for 4-8 hours each time.

    2 weeks is nothing.
    I'd suggest taking the part-time position and continue to look.

    If the FT position comes through, take it and just reduce your prn availability (or quit completely) with 3 months under your belt
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    Quote from babyRN.
    Two weeks orientation for a new grad with NO experience doesn't seem very safe. I'm not trying to be a debbie downer here, just putting in my two cents with my own experience and those that I've read of others. Does anyone else not see this?
    I work on a acute medicine floor and I actually only got two weeks of orientation as a new grad when I started back in October...and I didn't think my orientation was too short. Maybe that's just me though and back in January I started floating to rehab, med/surg, and tele as needed since I was hired part-time.

    OP, you should take both job offers since the latter one starts in June. You have plenty of time to decide what works best for you, but having a prn job along with a full-time would not be such a bad idea.

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