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    I am a nursing student in my last semester of an accelerated BSN program. I graduate August 3rd and am due to have my first baby (a boy) on August 21st. I am being told by my school that it will be 6 weeks from graduation before I can take the NCLEX, so it will have to be sometime after I have the baby. I would love to hear from other nurses who have been through a similar situation.

    What recommendations do you have for timing on taking the NCLEX?

    I would like to stay home with the baby for at least a few months (and my husband supports this), because I feel very anxious about being a new mom and trying to learn the "real world" of nursing. Any thoughts on that?

    When I do start looking for a job, I would like to work full time (if I can find it) mostly nights and weekends to minimize the need for childcare. Any advice?

    Thank you!!

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    I graduated last July and had a baby in august. I took the nclex beginning of October. I casually looked for jobs but nothing too serious because I really wanted to spend time with baby. Mind you I am Canadian, so we get benefits for a year. Well I finally got a job offer in May & I start in July, just in time for when my benefits are up.
    In my opinion, if you can, stay with baby as long as you can. They grow & change so much in the first year! I couldn't do it with my first child, but I'm blessed that I was able to do it with this one.
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    Thanks for the input! Did you feel prepared for the NCLEX even though it was 3 months after graduation? All I've heard so far is to take it as soon as possible or you forget things, but I don't think I'll be in any fit state to take it right after the baby when I'm sleep-deprived, but I also don't want to wait too long and mess up my chance at passing.

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