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I have found myself at a place in my life where I feel pretty hopeless, or at the very least, very very discouraged about my future in this profression. My first job as an RN was in 2008. I was hired off-cycle- most hospitals... Read More

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    Follow your but feeling and make it happen. Your self esteem is down after all your personal and professional problems, avoid the pain , but recognize it. Be happy girl. They might make you their problem, but don't make yourself part of them. Let them live there own illusive self gratification. Live, laugh, and be happy. God bless.

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    Dear Imperialsugar...this is my first time on this site and I cannot tell when you first posted this so please forgive me if you posted it 5 yrs ago... I have been a nurse for a while and I think we should start looking into how many of us show the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome. To be blunt, I find the way some nurses and nurse managers treat their fellow co-workers and staff appalling. You have out-lined some sound ideas for wanting to broaden your experience and you have the time to examine the jobs that are available to you. Take your time and choose carefully and most of all give yourself credit for what you have been through, survived and overcome.
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    I am wondering if part of your angst in thinking about your next job (and the one you were fired from) is the idea that in-patient nursing is somehow more real nursing than a day surgery job or other out-patient roles. The higher the stress and acuity, the more real it feels to a lot of nurses. But that setting isn't a good fit for some people's personalities. We also need excellent nurses in clinics, visiting nurse jobs, school nursing, Early Intervention, diabetes education programs, etc--these primary care and preventative nursing roles combine care, teaching, program development, and call on a very different set of skills than acute care nursing. Different skills, not lesser ones. And fostering health--preventing illness--is every bit as valuable as fixing a medical problem once it hits. True, these jobs pay less, but if you can support yourself comfortably on your salary, why take a job that will stress you out and make you feel inadequate just because it pays better? Ask yourself what you like most in your current job, and what skills you most enjoy using, and then start looking for other positions that will be a good fit for you in those ways.
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    Quote from imperialsugar

    That being I asked I doomed because I was fired one time three years ago?


    People get 'let go' all the time for various reasons.
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    Are you doomed in what way? Doomed not to be offered another position? (You already were, right?) Doomed not to get past it emotionally? (That's in your hands--learn from it what you DON'T want in a nursing position.) If it comes up in an interview, practice an honest but simple and non-blaming explanation, such as "I wasn't able to get the orientation I needed as a new grad on that floor, in part because they had a large turnover of staff while I was orienting. However, I'm not a new grad anymore, and these are the skills I can offer you..."

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