need to interview someone that is a phlebotomist

  1. I need to interview a phlebotomist for my GRADD application. I'm trying to get GRADD to pay for my classs at Owensboro Communtiy and Technical College because Financial Aid will not.
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  3. by   nrsnic
    i was a phlebotomist for about 9 years until last july. i transitioned to my new nursing role at that point. i don't know if that helps, but i could certainly answer any questions you might have. i did training and held my ascp license at one point as well. if that can work for you, i would love to help

    if that doesn't work, i hope you find what you're looking for :d
  4. by   C-MTL-1963
    what is ASCP
  5. by   C-MTL-1963
    can a nurse be a phlebotomist or it needs special training? and where?
  6. by   EmBeMap
    Yes a nurse can be a phlebotomist with further training. My instructor was both a lab phlebotomist and an oncology nurse. ASCP is a certifying authority for phlebotomists. There are like 12 last time I looked. ASCP is a well know authority most places will hire you with their certification. Nurses and phlebotomists cross over in some situations but a phlebotomist is trained exclusively in collection and processing of specimens where as a nurse as a broad understanding of what is done and the clinical implications of the test results. It would be like being a car mechanic having to service a jet, while some of their knowledge is similiar the phlebotomist is the specialist in specimen collection.(ps I'm a phlebotomist going to nursing school (hoping for august 2010 entry).
  7. by   C-MTL-1963
    thanks for the answer.
    next question i am in montreal canada is there somewhere i can study to be a phlebotomist.
    even online?

    see i love being a nurse but there are times where i would rather be a blood taker)