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What is your legal right as a nurse or nurse's aid working in the psyche field when it comes to being harrassed by a client? This happened to a nurse's aid that I know. A client harrassed this nurse's aid for weeks, and the end... Read More

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    It sounds like stalking mental heath case or not she needs to let her employer know they are responsible for her safety and at no time shoukd she have contact with that patient. A similar thing happened in a state hospital and the employee ended up being bruitiley beaten and raped. Tell her good luck and stay strong.

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    Currently my friend is out of work because of stress. She is also looking for another job, because her current one obviously believes in putting staff in unsafe situations. I am outraged over this. It definitely demonstrates such a lack of respect and humaneness to people who work in the nursing field. I will take "journeyy" advice and suggest for her to seek an attorney's advice on her situation.

    To all of you who have replied to my posting. Thank you for all your support and ideas. It was extremely appreciated. I will also keep you posted on the outcome.

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    Greg, I just attended a mandatory "Code of Corporate Ethics" meeting at work yesterday. Sure enough, one of our stated, in print, **values** is PROVIDING A SAFE WORKPLACE. Look for ANY kind of documentation to this effect in your corporate literature...mission statement, corporate compliance booklet, policies & procedures book, Human Resources policies, etc., so you have something to "hold" them to. Good luck.

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