Need advice: "Casual" job position and/or info re: BC Fraser Health New Grad Program

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    I am a recently graduated nurse from an Ontario university. I am relocating to British Columbia in the next couple months and am eagerly trying to find an RN position. I have begun to apply for the Fraser Health New Graduate Program, where I have been told that you are guaranteed 150 hours, as well as workshops for training, but then are placed into a casual position.

    I am wondering what kind of hours nurses in British Columbia get in casual positions? I know you are not guaranteed hours, but I do not want to risk relocating and not having any hours at all.

    Also, if anyone can give me more information about the Fraser Health New Graduate Program, it would be greatly appreciated!

    Finally, any tips on a new graduate nurses getting a position in BC would be great! I am finding it difficult to find a job, as the majority of postings all require 1-2 years of experience.

    Thank you!!
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