Mumps Titer Question

  1. hi everyone!

    i have a question in regards to titer #'s for mumps.

    i was accepted into the spring 2010 nursing program, and we are required to have a physical, which includes providing mmr & varicella titer #'s. i went to my pcp and had all of the necessary work done, and explained to her that the school strictly requires titer #'s, not just a positive/negative, or +/-.

    she sent me my lab results, and lo and behold, i have #'s for all of them except for mumps.

    i emailed the doctors office the following:

    from:henry ford doctor's officedate:10/23/2009 11:58:18 amsubject:lab result questionstatus: repliedon 10/22/2009, you wrote:

    thank you for sending my recent lab results that i need for nursing school admission. the school specifically states that i must have the titer #'s, and not just a 'yes' or 'no'. for the mumps results, it merely says "positive [neg]". is there a way to get the titer #?

    thank you in advance for any assistance.


    the response:

    the following response was posted on 10/23/2009:

    it was checked with lab personale and they only says test result positive or negative.

    okay, so... wow... not sure who wrote that, but my interpretation is that with mumps titers, you only receive a positive or negative result, not a specific titer number.

    does anyone know if this is fact?!? i have searched throughout the internet, but cannot find information on what titer #'s should, or shouldn't be.

    i am soooo frustrated because it specifically states four times throughout the school's paperwork that i must have the titers #'s, and if i don't have all of the paperwork completed in it's entirety, and as instructed, the student will be escorted out, and our spot given to an alternate.

    i am so stressed out about this.

    i am tempted to email the school, but don't want to them to think i can't read, or that they have selected an inept nursing student.
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  3. by   rentalnurse
    I had the same problem in MD. had titers drawn a few yrs back and have worked in at least 5 or more states. I had a contract at a local hosp but got the run around because of my MMR titer. It was as yours was positive for the test. I had to have it redrawn when i got a job at another hosp. now it does have the lab values and range, it all depends on the lab. call the lab and have them print out what their range for + titers are.
  4. by   belgarion
    I went to a JUCO in Texas and we didn't have to have titers if we had proof of vaccination. I had proof of everything except mumps. I had had it but my old pediatrician had died years before and my records were long gone. In those days it wasn't required for public school so it wan't on those records either. I took it again and it affected me the same way it did the first time - made me sick as a dog for about thee days.
  5. by   SunnyAndrsn
    I know I had to have titers as well, but they just sent it straight to the school. I honestly don't know what the values are, or if it just said positive. I also have the issue of my childhood MD being dead. It was a small, private office, so everything was destroyed. I don't even have that little card. I did have mumps and chickenpox, my mumps vaccine apparently didn't work!

    Good luck.
  6. by   paulasimpson
    I am a nursing student as well and had to have my mumps titer drawn recently. My labwork was drawn at LabCorp and definately had a "value" result, not just a positve/ negative.

    The reference range they gave:
    <0.91 Negative (ni antibody detected)
    0.80 - 1.09 Equivocal
    >1.09 Positive (antuibodies detected)

    Good luck with school!!
    I had a physical and couldn't recall my last tetanus, they also did mumps titers and varicella titers. I intend to get a copy of that paperwork whether I get hired or not. I got chickenpox when i was 18 but how do they know that?

    Oh well, jump through hoops...It is what it is (just get a copy to document cause it seems like the new norm now).
  8. by   cheska_rn
    Thank you so much for all the replys!

    I am just so paranoid about screwing something up, and being escorted out of orientation. I can understand and appreciate the school being so stringent, but it's still a little frustrating...

    Anyways, I am leaning towards just going to the health clinic and getting the MMR booster. That way, I won't actually have to have the titer numbers, just the verification of the booster.

    Good luck to all of you in the program!

    Thanks again!