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    What does it really mean on a WI RN license when it has "Multi-State" on it? Does this somehow make it easier to get a license in another state? I am looking to get a license in Illinois.

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    Wisconsin is a multi state with several other states regarding your license. For example, it is a multi state with Iowa so you can go work in Iowa with your Wisconsin license as long as you retain living arrangements in Wisconsin. However, it is not a multi state with Illinois. Illinois is a tough state to get a license in. It generally takes a few months. So if you are thinking of getting a license in Illinois I would begin working on it now.
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    Thanks, I have tried to read all the stuff to get an IL license and it is mind boggling to say the least! I just don't understand the endorsement part.
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    I would recommend calling the number on their website. You may be on hold for a while, but they will at least send you the important forms that you need to fill out and you can avoid dealing with the confusion on the website.
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    Add getting IL to endorse your license to another state to the list of things that take forever. I sent my $ and request to them over a month ago, for endorsement to Florida & they've yet to make any progress. This is the only thing left before I can get the FL license. Argh!

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