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Ok another vent thread here. This might be long so for your convenience I'm going to use paragraphs. Yesterday was just completely mad. I scrubbed for an Ivor-Lewis oesophagectomy. This is a BIG case and involves two surgical... Read More

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    So sorry to hear that this happened to you. Keep your head up.

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    sounds like a wonderful team leader.

    when you have collected yourself, how about a 1:1 w/team leader's boss?
    or, a letter/incident report, detailing everything that happened during surgery, resulting in near catastrophic consequences?
    yes, i fully understand that we place ourselves in a precarious position when/if we dare to speak up.
    but if you feel you cannot share your concerns w/those who need to be involved, then clearly, it's time to look elsewhere.
    even compiling a few signatures from surgeons, coworkers, would be extremely helpful.
    anticipating a forthcoming surgery and ensuring it will be fully staffed, is another way to approach this.
    but your team leader's behavior was deplorable, and has no business in holding such a responsible position.

    let us know what happens.:icon_hug:

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    Honestly, I think I would ask some of the surgeons what facilities do staff more appropriately. If they are operating at several facilities, they have something of an inside track on staffing. Since they have been supportive, this might be your out.

    I do worry about you returning to a place that makes you question pt safety, your own ability to provide safe care due to low staffing, with a verbally aggressive climate.

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