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I was just wanting to see how many of you students were moms and to see how you guys get along being in class with your kids. I have two boys 8 and 4. I will start my final semester of pre reqs in January and now I am a little... Read More

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    I have two girls. One is 4 other is almost 2. My hubby is active duty army and NEVER home, so Im basically on my own here.
    anyway, i go to lecture (1st semester) for a couple of hours each afternoon. Lecture is not so bad if you miss... (our teachers email us lecture notes every day, so in class she is just reading the notes she sent), but clinicals are a different story. For us, there is absoultly no missing those! Especially if we are on rotation at our clinical site.
    Its hard when you have kids. To avoid all distractions of "mommy... mommy " I only study after they go to sleep.
    I "forgive" myself for sometimes not reading nite time stories. I go in after they are asleep (during a study break) and just look at them. It makes me feel better because I know that all that Im doing this for them. My girls are my reason for "truckin on":roll

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    Hi I too am a mum and studying. I have 3 kids 14, 15, 16 and two step kids 15 & 18 living here in our little house I am at the end of my 2nd year (one more year to go and I'll be an RN) I am so lucky that I have a great partner who is so supportive. The poor thing has to hold the fort while I go away for 2 weeks at a time on my clinicals of which there are 3 sets of 2 weeks each semester. Living in the country we have to travel all over the state to get the practical experience we need. But hubby bless his heart is a gem. But I will have my turn to hold the fort as he is going to do his RN training after I finish.

    I wish every student all the best and just stick to it as time passes and we will all get there
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    Hi I am also an RN who decided to go for my BSN when the hospital I have worked at for 20 years decided to offer the program for free as long as you give them 2 years of service when you are finished. I thought that it would be an excellent opportunity for me to advance my career now that my kids are 14, 16, and 18. I got my ADN before I had them, so it was very easy. But I would never of dreamed of school when they were little. I am a bit of a perfectionist and would have become frustrated if I could not allow myself the appropriate amount of time needed for a certain class. My program now does alot of online courses, and tele courses, so actual in class participation is limited. We have forums somewhat like this, where we communicate with the teacher and each other about our subject issues. This way we all have more time at home. I am planning to go to Drexel Univ. in Philadelphia after this for my Master's degree. They have recently changed their program to ALL online. For me that is the best way to go. Look into it if you have not considered that option.
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