Minor in Health Care Management

  1. I am currently a BSN student. My college is now offering a Minor in Health Care Management. My question is, will it come in handy in the future? It is only an addition 15 credits.

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  3. by   ASSEDO
    Go for it! Having a BSN may lock you into a bedside part of the hospital enviroment (depending on where you live). Having a minor may give you the opportunity to move up the ladder, if you ever become interested in the business side of healthcare. At one time, I don't believe I would have been offered a job with a BSN. Many BSN's were passed over and they had more hands on experience, but I was selected for the administration part of my degree.
  4. by   ASSEDO
    Let me add: After I retired that the administration job, I went back into the hospital enviroment, in case management, and was given $1.00 less per hour because I did not have a BSN (I have a BS in Healthcare Adm.)