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Time for a game! This one is easy. It's a variation on a game seen on many forums. Basically you must choose any two conditions, diseases, or procedures and the person under you chooses which... Read More

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    foley cath or rectal tube?
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    Ingrown toenail or ingrown hair?
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    Ingrown toenail.

    Confused patient who likes to fling poop on the walls or phlegm?
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    young male pt with a hovering mom at bedside 24/7(taking notes :chuckle ) or pt with a spouse thats a know it all doctor
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    Know it all doctor
    postpartum hemorrhage or baby under bili lights?
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    Baby under bili lights

    Paraplegia or pancreatic CA?
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    Overly caring SO in ER, love or abuse
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    Overly care SO in ER

    Esophageal dilatation, or NG Tube?
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    NG tube.
    Chest tube or rectal tube?
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    Rectal tube

    Art line, or Swans?