Medical Terminology Test?

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am new here, I'm in the process of getting everything together and applying to a couple of different nursing schools, and taking my science pre-reqs. I used to be a business analyst for an insurance company for several years and am making a career change

    So, I decided I wanted to work in a hospital and applied for some jobs and much to my surprise I have an interview in a few days for a unit coordinator position! But...I've heard they have you take a medical terminology test. I took a medical terminology class, but that was 9 years ago! I've been taking A&P and reviewing information from websites, but there is just so much.

    Has anyone taken a med term test for a unit coordinator or clerical position? Can you tell me what kinds of things are on it (e.g. abbreviations for transcription or actual roots, prefixes, suffixes, etc)? What was the format (e.g. multiple choice, matching, fill in the blanks)?

    Any info is much appreciated! :bowingpur

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  3. by   ijuanabhappy
    Hi Marianne,

    I took a medical terminology test for a clerical position but it has been many years ago. I cannot remember, but I believe it was multiple choice. Just remember, most questions you will get correct if you can learn how to break the word apart. If you can get a book on medical word roots, suffixes, and prefixes, or look online, that would be your best bet. For a clerical position, I would not imagine it would be too difficult. You will need to know things like:

    algia= pain
    itis=inflammation (as in hepatitis which is inflammation of the liver)
    dys= bad or difficult (as in dyspnea which is difficult breathing)
    rrhea= discharge (as in diarrhea)
    patho= disease
    eryth = red
    edema = swelling
    oma = tumor

    There are many links online. Just study the easier ones and you will probably be fine. Here is a link for example:

    There are tons of sites on the internet where you can look up basic word roots, suffixes, and prefixes.

    Your key is learning to break words apart. For example:

    cholecystectomy. This is surgical removal of the gallbladder.

    chole= (bile, gall) cyst=(bladder) ectomy= surgical excision or removal

    Hope this helps a little bit. Good luck!
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  4. by   48mystic
    Thanks for your help. There is sooo much to study. I'm hoping it's not too hard and 2 days of cramming is enough!