Med Errors

  1. 0 hi new lpn working in long term pass meds to 22 resident to make long story short i have made 6 med errors in less than 2 months all but one are missed doses of norco and one resident i gave one to many. i am worried sick about what my employer thinks, i think i have the record beat state wide for most errors in two month period. i worry cant sleep i try so hard and still make a dang error, i feel so alone i realize that most don't like to talk about med errors. just the other day i talked to my unit manager about this and i said this isn't going to happen again and whammy it happens the next day and i tell you i am trying so hard to be very careful is there an end to this or is this just the beginning. i feel like i am on a role of med errors. i have been told that i am going to make mistakes but the nurses that i work tell me they either have never made a med error or only a couple and some have been there for years. help i am concerned for myself and my residents i feel like i have just commited the biggest errors in my life and i am so sick and tired of it and feel like i am going to conticue because i am human just thankfully they are not major med errors but still a med error is a med error and i almost come to hate that word. thanks
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