managing violence & aggression

  1. 0 I am a first year nursing student in canterbury currently researching for a seminar on managing aggression & violence. I would appreciate it if anyone had any info on current ideas relating to this or know of any good sites dealing with this subject.
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    I learned CAT , confrontation avoidance techniques. Therapeutic conversation, space, and an exit are needed. Never, have the customer between you and the door. Body language is important, to minimize aggression as well. Arms at your side, a magazine rolled up in your hands, can be used as a weapon for defence. Do not get too close, allow the individual their personal space. Be wary for any escalation of anger, or labile emotions. Trust your instincts, but use caution, all the time. I still was assaulted recently and received a fractured thumb from an inebriate in the ED. Watch out! Ambushed regularly CIAO

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