LTC=? In experience?

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    I have worked LTC for a yr and am looking to go into a hospital settig soon. Would like to know how LTC relates to MEd/Surg or critical care.

    I'm asking because most say at least a yr of M/S preferred.



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  3. by   Wile E Coyote
    Consider med-surg the entry point to hospital staff positions for most places. No worries regarding the 'preferred' experience, if you don't come off as a complete lunkhead in the interview, and have no restrictions of your license, then your golden for med-surg. You probably have aleady masterd a key part of med-surg nursing (time management) Critical that's another discussion, as it is quite a different skill set.
    Do not confuse my statements as meaning med-surg is easy, just that it's the common starting point for hospital nurses.
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