Lpn pay in a doctors office

  1. When I become a LPN I am thinking about working at a doctors office what is the pay rates for this??

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  3. by   cingle
    It really depends on where you are, geographically-speaking. Here in NC office LPNs don't usually make much more hourly than do CMAs since actually CMA training is more specific for outpatient care than is LPN. Someone fresh out of school here would probably earn $12-14 hourly in family practice, a little more in a specialty office.
  4. by   dmr0928
    Thanks anyone from the nh area know more about this??
  5. by   RNDreams
    You can go to www.salary.com and put in LPN an dalso check by zip code and I think that you will get an accurate idea of the pay from that site becasue that is something that varies so much regionally and according to what the Dr. practices. I am not sure if you can put that in as well. I have been a medical esthetician for plastic surgeons and have also worked as an M.A. for Dr's that are ot self pay (like plastics) and collect insurance and the been has been consistantly in the offices that are self pay such as plastics, especially if you get in with a practice that has a few PS's working there because they do so ewell (even in this economy) that they have the money to pay their employees well.

    Good luck, I have been using that site a lot as I have been deciding if I need to get my BSN now or AVN and then bridge later, and my family is open to move wherever we want (someplace new, exciting and pfererrably very outdoorsy)

    I have been using that site a lot to get diferent rates on pay for different qualification in different areas. Even though not I live just outside of Atlanta and this is a great place for Nursing education and jobs for new grads and for a life time to work for nurses, we have lived here for about 8 years now and being from Hawaii we are ready to move on to someplace that AT LEAST ha a beach close enough to go to on our days off. This is a great city dont get me wrong but we are just very nomadic people and like to move somewhere new about every 6 years or so.

    Good luck, keep me posted on what you find out!