LPN ADONs, what are the complications?

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    I work in a long term care facility. Recently a disgruntled employee ( an RN) stated that she did not take orders from an LPN. They had a conflict over some procedure, or policy ( this is not clear). However in our facility the ADON is a LPN. She was grandfathered in prior to the changes in regulations which now require that an ADON be an RN. Is there a conflict about authority, and what complications have other nurses had reqarding this situation.


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    The first thing you need to do is read your Nurse Practice Acts for both the LPN and RN licensures for your state. I don't think that my states licensure would allow this, so I can't advise you on that. This situation sounds like there may be more than just the authority issue here; is there also a personality issue tied into this conflict? In most situations I know of where a nurse has been grandfathered in to a position, the nusre has continued her education until she is fully qualified for that job. To me, having an LPN as ADON seems highly irregular.

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