Looking for Public Health Nurse job in San Diego County

  1. 0 I have been an RN for 13 years and have a background in ER/ICU/Flight Nursing/Occupational Health/ and Research. Since getting laid off from research, I have decided to pursue public health nursing and use my public health nurse certificate. I applied in San Diego and have been placed on the eligibility list for Public Health Nurse I and II since January of 2009. Only two PHN II positions have come up in the past seven months. I interviewed for TB Control case manager and didnt get it. I just interviewed for a PHN position in maternal child care and I havent heard yet. I couldnt get a feel for what type of nurse they were looking for. Is being a male nurse a downside for public health nursing?? Are there any public health nurses out there who might have some advice for interviewing and getting a job in public health??
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    diegostang has '13' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'ER/ICU/Flight Nursing/Occupational Healt'. From 'San Diego'; 46 Years Old; Joined Jul '09; Posts: 2.

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    Did you end up working as a PHN?

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