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  1. Hello, My name is Amanda Brown. I live in a very small town in wyoming where I graduated with my ASN May 2010. My husband and I want to move to Denver, we have been looking into the lakewood area. Like I said I only have my ASN but am currently working on my BSN through UWYO (have about 6 classes left). I have been working for a Family Practice Physician for 4 years, who specializes in OBGYN but sees patients of any age. I have little to no experiance other than my clinicals in school. So I looking for some insite to nursing in Colorado and what kind of jobs I should be applying for. I am interested in Rehab and OBGYN but dont know if I can get a job with little experiance and only having a ASN.

    Technically I have about 1.5 years of RN experiance, but because it is so limiting should I apply for new graduate positions?
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  3. by   ChicagoRN-BSN
    I have no clue about the job market in Denver. However, I feel that it should be much more urbanized than the town you are from in WY. But as far as experience is concerned, you have 1.5yrs RN experience. That's more than enough to get a position on a med-surg floor or even mother/baby or labor and delivery. I would still apply for new grad positions but IMO one should never limit themselves to ANY opportunity. However, technically you are no longer considered a new grad because of your experience at the RN level. Do not let the fact that your experience is not "clinically based" deter you either. You have patient care experience REGARDLESS.

    I also graduated in May 2010. But never found a job until March of 2011. After only 7months of experience in, my Chest Pain Unit is closing. They decided they are moving the beds for more med/surg floors space. Instead of merging with the med/surg staff, the ICU manager wanted to take a look at me. She recognized that I worked for 5yrs in an ICU as a clerk. She was willing to give me orientation of one month and half. If more is needed, than I will have that option as well. So starting next week, I am an ICU nurse.

    In closing, apply, apply, apply and when you bag an interview, walk in there with the most confident attitude. If they try to question you as being limited in experience, then you sell yourself. Four years with a practice suggests longevity with a company and invested passion for OBGYN care. If a manager/interviewer doesn't recognize that, then you probably wouldn't want to work for them anyway. Good luck in your search!