The Life of a New Nurse in the Philippines - page 4

I graduated as a nurse from a certain University in the Philippines. I was just as excited as any Nursing graduate. Earning a bachelors degree in Nursing was really something in my country. All of those sleepless nights of... Read More

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    Enough of importing foreign licences and paying them US wages! It lowers the standard of care, and undermines the nurses who worked their butts off to get licensed in America--where the live, and raised families, and are trying to fulfill the American dream!

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    I doubt that as employers have to pay the prevailing wage when they apply for visa allowing the nurse to work in the US also since Oct 2006 the US has had retrogression which means many nurses not just from the Philippines are in a long long queue waiting for a visa.

    Historically the Philippines has had a huge export of nurses to the US as well as other professions, same goes for them going to other countries but for the last 5-7 years it has been getting harder for people in the Philippines to go abroad. You can't blame them as all they are trying to do is improve things for themselves.
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    just want to say that malemployment is around the world. we must try not to discriminate one another as people around the world migrate to other countries including Philippines for greener pastures. We are all in pursuit of happiness and greatness. we must love our neighbour as we love ourselves. let us try to make things work and be a little bit happier. That is the challenge. creativity, goodwill, and a lot of faith and hope. xx
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    Do not lose hope. You sound like you are a very intelligent person. I am sure you will find the job that you have always dreamed of.
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    Do not lose hope. You sound like you are a very intelligent person. I am sure you will find the job that you have always dreamed of!
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    i agree with the previous posters, just keep the faith and you shall overcome the obstacles that now stand before you... wishing you the very best in all of your future endeavors....aloha~
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    I feel the same salvie. I graduated last 2008 just like you i starting to lose hope because of the system in our cauntry u know what i mean right. Actually i experience that many times and to be honest with you it breaks my heart into pieces but i hope and pray someday that our country give us equal importance and i still believe in god that someday he will answer all my prayers about my nursing career. Just keep on believing in your dream and have faith. good luck to us. fight fight

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