Life after lpn school. What to do next?

  1. Hello Everyone!
    I have a question about what happens when I complete my LPN at Lincoln Tech and want to continue my education.
    I am hearing all these rumors that all nurses by 2020 have to have a BSN in order to work. I currently live in NJ and already know that LPNs can not work in hospitals here. I do not know if I am going to live here forever and considering my options when I leave the state. My boyfriend and I have been discussing moving to Atlanta or somewhere around there after we get engaged and married. Not for a few years, but I know in every state the laws of working as a nurse are different.
    I do want to continue my education of course because I want to work in NICU or L&D or PEDS. I know you need to be an RN to even get in that floor so that is my next step.
    I will be finishing my LPN March of 2013 and plan on taking the NCLEX very soon after.
    Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do next and what schools to look into to continue?? Thanks in advance!!
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