Lidocaine abuse?

  1. Has anyone ever heard of Lidocaine (injection) abuse? My husband works in law enforcement and they came across a guy who had some. Said he worked for a vet and just took it home by accident but his story seemed a little fishy.

    Found a small blurb on the internet that said yes it could be abused, but it's very rare. Gives an effect similar to alcohol (dizzy, euphoria) w/o the nausea, etc but it's extremely short lived.

    It's just amazing over the years the things he's run across that people abuse.
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  3. by   Felixa
    Hi, apparently it's commonly cut with cocaine - maybe your man was selling it? I can't check at the moment,(I'm on a train) but from memory it has a similar melting point to cocaine, so it can be used for freebase. In Julia Philips's book " You'll Never Eat Lunch in this Town Again" (she was a movie producer for such filled as Close Encounters and Taxi Driver, who became addicted to just about everything), she has a sample of hers analysed which turned out to be mostly lidocaine.
  4. by   LadyinScrubs
    There was a Los Angeles serial-killer nurse in the 80s or 90s who injected lidocaine into his elderly pts. Literally, an angel of death.
    Finally, someone noted something odd. Numerous graves were dug and testing on the remains. He finally admitted what he used and how he did it.
  5. by   nursetaminator
    Wow. That's just crazy. Thanks for the info! I'll pass this on to my LE friends. They'll find this very interesting.