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I am a people pleaser. I consider it a fault at times, especially when it compromises my goals. I realized this need to be liked early in my life, and it led to an aversion to confrontation and an... Read More

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    Prime example on nursing. Doctors blame you,family unappreciatied.Upper management oh yeah......they are in their office, door closed. Where were the other nurses? Why can't nurses work in a pair.?

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    I don't get where the big mistake was.

    As nurses, we do not blindly follow orders; we are expected to use our own discretion - this is part of the "critical thinking" that's always drilled into us.

    I know plenty of surgeons who would have been completely annoyed to be called for a clarification of suction orders when there were no secretions. I would not have called unless I had at least one or two other questions.

    TV issues, room temperature (for the comfort of visitors), OMG, these things are so annoying, but reality is that the hospital expects US to attend to these things, to make the family happy - it's part of customer service - so that the family will choose our hospital in the future. Does the care and safety of the pt come first? Of course it does, but we can't pretend these other issues don't matter.

    I really think this was a no-win situation.
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    I think I would have an issue with this doctor as well. There is no need for public humiliation. The nurse with the order should have followed up on it in the first place. I'm guessing because of the increased risk for secretions and the more increased risk for those secretion drying and plugging his stoma as the reasoning for the suction. But q 1 hour seems extreme. I would have based it on his breath sounds as well as his O2, but as long as the patient wasn't compromised. Now if the patient was in RD and you failed to suction yeah, I get that. Or if he was becoming increasingly more coarse because he wasn't getting stuff out, well we are supposed to be the proactive bunch. But just because the doctor was an Being a people pleaser had nothing to do with it, you honestly did not know how, and no one was there to educate you. Thats the hospitals wrong, not yours. In my humble opinion.
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    Oh yeah, I've made plenty of mistakes in my 15 years of nursing as we all have...we are human. I've been in the critical care areas for the last 10 years. But, I made a lot of mistakes my last shift caring for my ICU patient. I have a had a worsening back ache for 2 weeks now and was diagnosed with a lumbar facet inflammation on 2 lumbar vertebrae and was told it was caused by all the lifting/turning/pulling/ pushing I do at my ICU job. On this night, I go to work with my back brace/ice pack and a 3-4/10 pain which progressively got up to about an 8/10. I started physically slowing down soon after the start of my night shift but didn't realize it b/c I kept thinking I could handle it while at the same time wondering if I'm gonna make it..I know it sounds totally crazy. Made alot of mistakes with this one meds late, not checking a H/H for several hours afterwards which he needed blood, not covering a bsg until 3 hours later, not turning, and worst of all..there was a medication in the e-mar listed as intravenous for which I was about to deliver intravenous when the resp. therapist stops me to tell me it is supposed to be given via inhalation then showed me the 'xx' on the e-mar which means by resp. therapy. I didn't keep up with my VS charting, paperwork or anything that I normally would have had already done several hours earlier. The real bad thing is that I didn't realize I was so far behind and that I was missing stuff left and right until the charge nurse comes to help me and starts asking me about this stuff. I couldn't focus, pay attention, concentrate, I wriggled around in my chair trying to chart but could barely do that even after giving report to leave. I will probably get written up and possibly fired for endangering a patient. I wouldn't blame them.

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