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  1. Hey guys need some help....(Besides mental)
    there is 12 of us girls on day shift and we are trying to come up with ideas to dress for halloween. any ideas? we have came up with chain gang, snow white and the seven dwarfs, and dalmations. anything else you can think of:chuckle
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  3. by   shannonRN
    how about wizard of oz characters?
    I thought about that but everybody kinda turned it down. They do not know how to make the costumes. I have a costume of the scarecrow..... they voted me to be the witch. wander why...hahaha
  5. by   shannonRN
    for the tin man you could spray paint a funnel silver...i think they did this on my floor a couple of years back, will ask what they used for the other costumes.
    THanks I would appreciate that. We have one girl here who could be Dorothy's sister. She has the personality to fit this too.....this sounds like fun