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For all those out there hemming & hawing over whether to start school ("Am I too old?") or change careers ("Should I do this?") or just have the "What if's" in general, I saw a quote this morning... Read More

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    Someone told me that 5 years ago...Just do it. And I did! I graduated Nursing RN last April, took my NCLEX last Friday and passed it. And I turned 46 last month. I questioned myself countless times whether I was too old to do this, or will I be able to "keep up". But I kept going and did it anyway. It wasn't easy and, yes, I had some failures along the way. But I forced myself to keep going. I'm so glad I did! My advice...if you really want to succeed, just do it!
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    I'm a CMA, and I'm thinking about going back to school for my LPN. I know that some of you would say, I should go for my RN instead, but time is an issue at this point in my life. Please be kind, and only give me your honest thoughts or advice.
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    I needed that thank you😊
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    I like it! Thanks...
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    Thank you so much for this! I have been fully doubting myself and contemplating not starting next month, but this really did just give me that motivating push!! God bless.

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