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So I was accepted to Hopkin's BSN/MSN and Columbia's ETP program. I am having a difficult time deciding between the two. I would love to live in NY, but the reviews I've been reading about Columbia's... Read More

  1. by   PhineasTalisker
    Hi linearthinker, I know this is a VERY old thread at this point but I'm hoping that you might still take a look. I would also love to know some more about your thoughts above regarding Columbia being an easy choice over Hopkins. As Ollie2011 said, it would be very interesting to have your thoughts since you are already in the profession. I'm faced with this exact decision right now. Thank you!
  2. by   CaliforniaHopeful
    Hi, I thought I would update everyone on this thread since I started it years ago. I only recently logged in again since my finace is now going into nursing. =D

    In the end, I choose Columbia and I have absolutely no regrets on my decision. Finding an NP job was very easy. Both Columbia and Hopkins are very good schools and well-regarded throughout the country. Neither school is a bad decision.

    My advice is to go where it will be cheapest for you and where you will be happy living for the next 3 years. I work with many other NPs who went to brand name schools and local state schools. We all make about the same amt of money. Admittedly, the Columbia name allowed me to take on more leadership roles within my company but as for salary, I don't make much more than my colleagues who went to local state schools.

    Still, Columbia and living in NYC were amazing, unforgettable experiences. Today I'm an NP in CA. PM if you have any questions. <3