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So I was accepted to Hopkin's BSN/MSN and Columbia's ETP program. I am having a difficult time deciding between the two. I would love to live in NY, but the reviews I've been reading about Columbia's ETP is worrying me. Also, I... Read More

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    I would also love to hear people's experiences with the traditional BSN program at Hopkins! I have recently decided on Hopkins over Columbia (probably one of my hardest decisions ever)! What negatives have you heard about Hopkins' program? I'm still trying to justify the price tag of any private nursing program as opposed to going to an in-state school...any feedback on that would also be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

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    That's easy. Hopkins is a strong tier 1 school, Columbia is Ivy League. There is no doubt in my mind, one should attend the very best school they can get into. So Columbia, no question. Good luck!
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    I'm sorry, I don't think I understand why Columbia is a clear choice over Hopkins? Do you mind elaborating? Also, since it looks like you are already in the profession, what makes attending the best school you can get into worth the cost over an in-state school? Do you see hiring and promotion decisions in favor of nurses who have graduated from these top-tier schools over nurses who have not?
    Thank you!!

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