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Hi all This is only my second time posting, but read often. My friend and I are putting on a nursing retreat here in our small Alaska town. We're having a dinner and like to set each place with an inspiring/funny quote. In... Read More

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    Meet the Parents in which Jerry Stiller plays a male nurse.
    City of Angles
    I Remember Mama, a very old movie has a section in it where one the the children has to have an operation. It portrays what the hospital system was like at the turn of the century (had to pay up front, very strict rules about visitation, nurses wearing starched white uniforms and caps) which I always found interesting.

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    Thanks for all the responses. They are very helpful and appreciated. The retreat is something we hold every year. It is a free event for all nurses in our community. We raise the money by donation. Our community is very easy to define as we live on an island. Is still a great event I would recommend to anyone, though. We usually have yoga, massages, dinner, any event that will help nurses remember to take care of themselves.
    Again, thanks for the input.
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    I love that idea!
    That is terrific.

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