I need to interview an Educator and a Clinical Specialist

  1. I need to interview a Nursing Educator and a Nursing Clinical Specialist for a class on nursing roles. The answers don't have to be indepth and will be greatly appreciated.

    Question 1. Discuss how you utilize and value the knowledge of other disciplines and what team members are you most engaged with.
    2. Discribe how you use teambuilding and collaborative strategies.
    3. How do you see care applied in your practice?
    4. Describe the roles of different nurses in promoting safe quality outcomes for diverse populations.
    5. Describe how you apply quality improvement processes and patient safety initiatives in your practice.
    6. How are patient centered care and advocacy promoted in your practice?
    7. Describe a situation in which you could see the principles of ethics, nursing standards, altruism, or dignity have affected you.
    8. Describe a patient care initiative that improved outcomes and enhanced cost effectiveness.
    9. How has nursing research improved a particular aspect of patient care for you?
    10. How is information technology used in your role and how is patient information protected?
    11. Describe a situation where you have been involved with a regulatory agency's role in patient care quality, safety, reimbursement, or the scope of nursing practice.
    Thanks for your help.
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    Thanks, I was able to get the infor I needed. Cindy