I need to ask a few question in order to write a paper about it

  1. 0 ]]I am looking for a nurse manager who are willing to answer the following questions in order to write a paper. If you are willing, THANKS a lot! Here are the questions?
    ]]1. ]What are your name, job title, and level of management?
    ]]2. ]What is the name of your company?
    ]]3. ]What is your company's product or service?
    ]]4. ]What is the mission of your company's product or service?
    ]]5. ]How and why did you enter the profession you are in?
    ]]6. ]What role do you play in developing the company's strategic plans?
    ]]7. ]What role do you play in developing objectives to achieve the strategic plans?
    ]]8. ]How is your company structured?
    ]]9. ]What tools and controlling devices do you use to guarantee efficient and effective management of your area of responsibility?
    ]]10. ]How do you motivate your subordinates to work toward the organizational goals? Describe some of your successes? Describe some of your failures?
    ]]11. ]What process do you use to make decisions?
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